BBC’s Panorama Barclay brothers investigation finally to be aired

A month back, the BBC was about to air an investigation on the Barclay brothers, but got cold feet. Tomorrow evening, the Panorama programme can finally be seen.

The Tax Haven Twins” is an investigation by John Sweeney into “the secretive world of the billionaire Barclay twins”. Sweeney was sued by the Barclays in the 1990s, but that didn’t seem to stop him.

In the programme it is revealed (well, re-revealed) that many companies in the Barclay empire are ultimately owned by offshore companies – in order to avoid paying UK tax. Even the Telegraph, which reported with indignation on the MP’s expenses scandal, is under ownership of a Bermuda-based entity. The programme also exposes the Barclay’s attempt at taking control of Sark.


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