Who are the Barclay Brothers?

Sir David Rowat Barclay and Sir Frederick Hugh Barclay (both born on 27 October 1934[1]) are British businessmen. The identical twin brothers have very substantial business interests primarily in media, retail and property (Wikipedia). Also, Guardian article here.

The Barclay brothers were knighted in 2000 but truly do not deserve their knighthoods:

Introducing the Barclay Brothers

Barclay Brothers

1 – They own a UK media empire (among others Telegraph & Spectator)
2 – They own a Hotel Group (among others, The Ritz in London)
3 – They bought an island in The Channel and built a castle on it and have been mistreating the local populations ever since.
4- The Barclay brothers dodge tax (Read the Times story here: link. Also Private Eye no. 1322, p. 33)
5 – They are suing the the HMRC for around £1bn of taxpayers’ money because a company they own (online shopping site Littlewoods) didn’t get enough money back in overpaid tax. The HMRC has already repaid more than £200 million in overpaid VAT and almost £270 million in simple interest on the VAT since October 2004 – but the Barclay Brothers want £1bn as they want a compounded interest rate.

Please help stop these guys suing the UK tax payer for £1bn: share the stories on this blog with everybody or share these materials on Twitter, Facebook etc. or upload to image sharing services !




    Hurray for Panorama! With the state of our current economy, it’s about time rogues like these are revealed whilst our “honest” taxpayers have struggled for years to survive, working hard for a living and paying every penny due to the Government. At least we can put our heads on our pillows without having a guilty conscience! I just have one concern – how many con men are out there?

  2. Excellent website, keep up the good work.

  3. What a grubby pair of prats these cretins are. What kind of tax system allows for off shore owned businesses (British Virgin islands) to avoid corporation. Lobby your MP to ensure the law is changed to make sure any business operating in UK pays tax as if it were registered there. The entire UK community should be asked to boycott them and anyone who supports them including their writ happy lawyers and their immoral accountants. Time to strike back; they are only two old blokes – and like the rest of us get into their trousers one leg at a time. Publicise their whereabouts and frustrate them in any way practicable.

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