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Watch the BBC Panorama on the Barclay Twins

Somebody was kind enough to upload the documentary to YouTube. If you still haven’t seen it, I highly recommend that you do. It sheds light on all the dirty tactics the Barclay brothers use to get ahead. Advertisements

BBC Panorama investigates the Barclay brothers

According a marketing blog, are the Barclay Brothers soon “to find themselves the subjects of an investigation by the BBCs hard-hitting Panorama programme after the broadcasters transitional director general rescinded a hold order placed on it by his predecessor George Entwistle”. The program focuses on the Sark scandals, which was also recently covered in The […]

Sark scandal in the New Yorker

News of the Sark shenanigans have even made it across the pond. The New Yorker has written about the Barclay brothers mistreatment of the local residents on Sark. Read some of the article here

The Castle on Brecqhou

The brothers have bought the island Brecqhou just of the coast of Channel island Sark to build a castle on it. Much to the discontent of the islanders The castle is cleaned and maintained by Philipino women who are shipped in daily from Guernsey. Visitors have included David Cameron […] and Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor. Their […]